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Music has been present ever since the cavemen hit pots and rocks to entertain themselves. People listen to music for different reasons and everyone has different responses to it. It is well known that listening to rap music will make you feel differently than listening to relaxing pop, or R&B tunes. In fact, listening to instrumental music won’t make you feel the same way as listening to lyrics.

Instrumental Music

Most of the time people don’t realize how the instrumental affects them because they focus on the lyrics. That is because lyrics are usually the part of the song which catches the listener’s attention. Lyrics very often tend to be relatable to the situation people are in. If you were to take time and listen to the instrumental only, you would find that it makes you feel differently than the lyrical version does. Reason being the fact that lyrics are the story which the singer is telling. The instrumental is a blank page where you can shape the story the way it will fit your situation. Even though instrumental music generally can create more emotion; there is no doubt there are lyrics which can hit very close to the core as well.

Different Genre Instrumentals

Now that we got the distinction between the ways instrumental music and lyrics affect you we can move on to different genres. Listening to the slower more gentle rhythms will make you feel relaxed, nostalgic, or melancholic. As we previously said, everyone has different responses to music, and the way a certain tune will affect you. These responses depend on various factors which include your mood, the situation you’re in, and your overall state of mind.

For example, if you have recently had a fight with a good friend, or your significant other, and you listen to slower more gentle instrumentals, you will most likely find the music to be sad and depressing. Whereas, if you have finished your day’s work and want to have some rest, you will find the same exact tune relaxing and peaceful. This proves how our brain has the power of determining how certain tunes will make us feel. The point is not in the tune itself but in our response to it. The response we have is different from person to person.

In the other hand, if you listen to some rap or rock instrumentals you are more likely pumped and excited rather than sad or relaxed. These rhythms are usually faster and more aggressive because they follow lyrics with strong expressions of aggressive statements. Rap instrumentals boost your mood and increase your confidence as well as add to your energy which is why they are the perfect music choice for workouts and such activities. Trap Instrumentals are somewhere in the middle since they are not as aggressive as a rap beat nor as slow and gentle as pop and R&B.

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All in all, different people will react differently to the same exact track because it is a matter of individual mind states and situations . Studies have shown that listening to slower tunes when you’re happy will help maintain the feeling of happiness while listening to the same tune when you’re sad wont help you cheer up. It is up to our brain how we interpret different rhythms and sounds.

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